Upgrade – FAQ

Banking Systems Upgrade Starting August 16th @ 5pm Through Monday, August 19th @ 9am


Basic Facts:

Why are we making these changes? CBOTS is investing in a new computer system that allows us to be much more efficient and offer new and improved services to better serve you. Things you can expect as a result of this conversion include new ATMs, which will accept deposits; new e-alerts; real-time online banking; and Zelle, which offers instant person-to-person money transfer.

What is not changing? Account numbers, customer information, and the bank’s routing number will not change.  Any reoccurring payments or credits, such as direct deposits, electronic drafts, or scheduled debit card transactions will continue to automatically process.  However, please be sure that your information is current on our system.

Time Frame: The software upgrade will begin at 5:00pm on Friday, August 16th and will continue until 9am Monday, August 19th


Upgrade Process:

Online & Mobile Banking Impact: All electronic banking functions (Online, Mobile & Billpay) will be inaccessible during this upgrade period. To ensure a seamless transition, please retain records of your Online Banking alerts and(or) any Online Banking scheduled transfers (including ACH or wire) that you currently have in place. As a precaution, for those that use accounting software such as Quickbooks or Quicken,  we recommend that you download all transactions prior to the upgrade.

Online Banking PasswordsWhen you first logon to Online Banking following the upgrade, you will be asked to input your current User ID and password.  You will then be asked to change your password. Your current information on file will be used to authenticate you during this initial login process.  This needs to occur before you use the Mobile Banking App for the first time following this upgrade. 

Automated/Reoccurring Electronic Transactions (ACH): Any ACH transactions that we have received that are in a pending status, such as a direct deposit or a reoccurring electronic draft, will be posted and(or) applied to your account during Friday night’s processing.  We will work with any customer that incurs an overdraft as a result of this force posting.

Debit Card/ATM Impact:  Debit card authorizations will be based on the last balance obtained at the end of day Friday, August 16th (5pm) and any subsequent transactions. Standard debit card limits will continue to be $3000 per day at a Point of Sale terminal and $505 per day at an ATM.  During the weekend upgrade, you will not be able to obtain an updated account balance via an ATM or text balance inquiry. However, your account will fully update, reflecting the weekend’s activity and be available for review at 9am on Monday morning, August 19th.  Please note that debit card transaction text alerts will be inactive for the duration of the upgrade.

Statements and Notices: All accounts will receive 2 statements during the month of August. The first statement will generate on August 16th, reflecting account activity for the first half of the month, with the current banking system.  A second statement will generate at the end of the month reflecting account activity for the last half August, under the new platform. Regular, full-month statements will resume in September. You may also notice small changes in the format of your account notices and statements.

Checks and Deposit Slips: You may continue to use your current deposit slips and checks. However, we will need to update the MICR information upon your next reorder.