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Online Banking (OLB) – E-Alerts

(Updated Information Now Available – Please See Information Highlighted In Red Below)

What are CBOTS E-Alerts?

Electronic Notifications, commonly known as “E-Alerts”, are automatic notifications sent to your email or mobile device via text message. E-Alerts can help you keep track of when your money enters and exits your accounts as well as help you monitor your accounts for unauthorized activities. Most E-Alerts work in “Real Time” with the electronic notification being generating as a transaction is initiated. Other E-Alerts can be customized to send periodic notifications such as daily balance alerts.

How can I receive E-Alerts?

In order to receive E-Alerts, you must be registered as a CBOTS Online Internet Banking user (known as OLB). To receive alerts via SMS Text you must also have enrolled in Mobile Banking.  If you are not currently enrolled as an OLB user, click here or contact a customer service representative at one of our locations.

If you are already registered as an OLB user, please click here to download a PDF showing detailed enrollment and configuration steps.

What type of Alerts can I receive on my accounts?

There are numerous alerts available for your accounts. These alerts are classified in two level types:

  • Account Alerts: These are designed to give you specific balance information per your customization. Account Alerts can be setup individually for each of your deposit accounts and loans. You can setup alerts for debit card transactions, ATM withdrawals, direct ACH withdrawals and ACH deposits (payroll), account balances, loan payment reminders, and many more.
  • Service Alerts: These are designed to give you security notifications for your OLB (online banking) account. Service notifications can alert you anytime your information is changed in OLB, logins are attempted to your OLB account, OLB access notifications, and much more.

Can I have receive my available account balance with my Debit Card Text Alert?

As a security enhancement, CBOTS will no longer be sending your available balance with any debit card transaction text alerts.  However, you may enroll in SMS Text Banking to receive balance on demand, account history and other useful information.  SMS Text Banking is a great addition to E-Alerts and is also setup inside Online BankingPlease click here for more information.